Community Policing
A strong believer in community policing, Uzuri has made it her mission to work with the San Francisco Police Department to build positive relationships between officers and residents. She helps organize events like the annual “Police and Community BBQ Cook-Off” and “Potrero Community Thanksgiving Feast” to bring people together with public safety officers in a friendly atmosphere. While serving on the San Francisco Police Chief’s “African-American Community Advisory Committee,” she has been a strong and steady voice to build collaboration between police and local communities. Relationship building is one of the best ways to improve community safety and policing. Knowing neighborhood leaders, the folks with special needs or vulnerabilities, and the goals of the community are essential tools and advantages in positive policing. This work must be done at the neighborhood level, department level, and at City Hall. Uzuri is doing all three to make lasting impacts to improve public safety.

Affordable Housing

Through her work as a community builder for an affordable housing developer, Uzuri is actively involved in efforts to tackle the housing crisis in San Francisco. Designing in affordability – at a variety of income levels – is essential to create whole healthy communities. Long neglected by the city, District 10 is now ‘hot property’ and development is booming. We need to make sure that existing residents do not get displaced and that folks who have been in the community for years share in the economic benefits. We can do this!

Homeless Solutions

All human beings have the right to housing and should be housed. When trying to help homeless people, sometimes it takes more than just building a building to house people. It also takes supportive services, a long-term commitment and understanding that people who are homeless are still human beings. The homeless crisis is a national crisis – not just San Francisco or California’s problem. Nationwide, the U.S. is millions of housing units short of what’s needed for our population. We need a national conversation to address the economic and political causes of homelessness, as well as doing all we can to help the thousands of homeless individuals and families suffering in our city. As I was once homeless myself and lived on the street, I am especially dedicated to this issue and grateful to the people who helped me. Now I seek to be a leader in my community and city to make big strides forward on addressing the homeless crisis.

Reproductive Rights

Trust Women! Women need to be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies and lives. Laws, programs, and communities should be designed to support and empower women to decide for themselves how and when and if to have a child. Uzuri is pro-choice and supports keeping abortion safe, legal and accessible. Reproductive rights go further and include the rights of women to have and raise their children in a safe, healthy, and supportive community. To have access to good food, good schools, good childcare and good housing is part of reproductive rights. Our nation is not even close to taking care of the basic needs of millions of people – and we are all suffering for it – especially children. LGBTQ people are also in urgent need of having access to health care, reproductive services and supportive communities. We need to think about the bigger picture in how we respect and enable people to make their own decisions about their bodies.    

Global Warming – the big crisis looming

The City needs to take bold action to stop the looming crisis of global warming. San Francisco can do more to lead the nation in climate change policy and action. Divesting from fossil fuels, investing in renewable energy and community people-powered programs are all good ideas. With its long shoreline along San Francisco Bay, District 10 is facing a future of flooding as sea level rises. The City, developers, and neighbors need to face this fact with eyes wide open and plan accordingly.